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Our briquettes are a clean and easily handled firewood fuel that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. They come bagged in easy to handle 10Kg sacks. They have a high Calorific Value and have a residual ash content of less than 5%. The ash can be placed straight on to your garden as fertilizer, thus making the ash easily disposed of and recycled.

The financial benefits of Wood Briquettes - fuel price comparison:
A cost comparison based on Government Figures...

Mains Gas:
Wood Pellets:
           3.5   pence per kwh 
           3.31 pence per kwh 
           5.95 pence per kwh 
           5.85 pence per kwh 
           14.0 pence per kwh

Comparison of heat value for common heat sources...
Wood Briquettes:
Air Dried Hard Wood Logs:
Air Dried Soft Wood Logs:
Green Logs:
9.5 kj per kg of fuel
8    kj per kg of fuel 
6.5 kj per kg of fuel
5.8 kj per kg of fuel 
4.2 kj per kg of fuel

These figures may vary depending on the species of timber and the growing conditions 2.5 kg of wood Briquettes = 1litre of heating oil.

Our briquettes are made from kiln dried joinery timber 
Price: £4.99 per 10kg bag

Special Offer Price 

3 bags for £12.00!

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